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7 Signs To Replace Your Carpet

7 Signs To Replace Your Carpet

Carpets provide warmth, enhance the overall look of your house, and can help to lessen noise. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for years to come or you’re looking to spruce up your space before placing your home on the market, floors are a major consideration. Flawless carpets enhance the curb appeal and boost the sales value of your house. While regular maintenance can definitely increase the lifespan of your carpet, you’ll need to replace it eventually.

Here are the seven signs indicating it’s time to replace your carpet.

1. Your Carpet Has Stubborn and Unsightly Stains

Person cleaning carpet stains

Are you tired of hiding those nasty carpet stains under your furniture and rugs? Food, dye, oils, and tannins can cause stubborn stains that can’t be removed even with the help of professional cleaning.

Before replacing the entire carpet, check to see if you can remove the stains. You can use some carpet cleaning products like Bissell Professional Pet Stain and Odor Remover. It not only works for pets but for food, drinks, and other stains as well. You can also use a mixture of white vinegar and salt on the problem areas. Add 2 tbsp of salt in a half cup of vinegar and mix them well.

If carpet cleaning products and professional carpet cleaners both fail to remove those stubborn stains it’s time to consider replacing your carpet.

2. Your Carpet Has a Bad Odor

Not all old carpets possess visible signs of damage and wear. If your carpet is stained many times but isn’t cleaned professionally, particles can get trapped deep within the carpet, leading to a foul odor. You’ll mostly notice this unpleasant, damp smell of old carpet when the weather is especially cool or warm and you haven’t been leaving windows open for ventilation. Lack of ventilation keeps the bad odor from escaping, making it much more pungent. This bad odor will be unpleasant for occupants and guests. Plus, if you’re trying to sell your home, potential buyers will likely be put off by the odor.

If you notice a nasty smell coming from your carpet, call a professional carpet cleaning company. If a professional cleaning doesn’t solve the odor problem, it’s likely time for a new carpet.

3. Your Carpet’s Padding Is Worn-Out

Besides noticing the bad odor and obvious visual signs, the feel of your carpet can also be an indicator that it’s time for a new carpet.

The padding of an old carpet can flatten as grime and dirt are ground into it over time This will, in turn, affect the carpet above. Padding is important for keeping your carpet feeling plush for an extended time and boosting its durability. If you no longer feel the warmth and bounce of your carpet, consider talking to a professional carpet layer and have your padding quality assessed.

4. Your Carpet Is More Than 10 Years Old

Man pulling up carpet

Several factors can make your carpet deteriorate faster, such as the number of people living in your house, their age, and the type of activities they do when home. It is recommended to change your carpet every 10 years to avoid damaging your padding and spending additional money.

5. Your Carpet Has Water Damage

Water damage and mold growth are clear signs that you need to get your carpet replaced as soon as possible. Water stains are nasty and difficult to remove. Leaking pipes in the kitchen, bathroom, or ceilings can be the reason for water damage and mold growth. They not only affect your carpet’s aesthetics and functionality but can be dangerous for your health. People who are allergic can experience coughing, sneezing, and red eyes due to mold.

The best way to keep your indoor air fresh is through regular inspections. However, if you notice black, green, or white stains that keep growing and changing shape, it’s better to get rid of that carpet as soon as you can.

6. Your Carpet’s Style Is Dated

If you’re willing to give your space a new, fresh look, the best option is to get your carpet replaced. A new flooring design will change the overall look of your house even if you keep your existing furniture. On the other hand, an old and worn-out carpet gives your house an outdated look.

Replacing your carpet can also help you increase your resale value as a new, spotless floor attracts buyers. A light-colored, elegant patterned carpet is visually appealing and never goes out of style. Carpets that are light and bright in colors make you feel happy and optimistic. Carpet replacement for a standard size bedroom can cost anywhere from $250 to $1,100.

If you’re not sure where to start, our team can help you decide which carpet will best complement your house.

7. Members of Your Household Are Experiencing Increased Allergies

There are many hidden allergens in a home that can negatively affect your family’s health, carpet being one of them. Mites, dust, pollen, dirt, and lots of other harmful substances can be found deep inside your carpet. Allergies and asthma can worsen by the build-up of particles.

Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain a healthy environment, but cleaning carpet too often can reduce its lifespan. Even with regular cleanings, allergens can be left behind. Because of this, we recommend changing your carpet every 10 years.

Take the First Step Toward New Carpet

With proper maintenance and regular cleaning. you can increase the life expectancy of a carpet and get the most out of your investment. However, even with extensive care, carpets will start to show wear and tear over time. To maintain the curb appeal and fresh indoor air quality in your home, you should get your older or damaged carpets replaced.

Contact us today to get free quotes. Our experts can help you decide which carpet will complement your lifestyle and interior design preferences.

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    Best Flooring Options for Pets

    Best Flooring Options for Pets

    Choosing a new flooring material can be a challenge. This is especially the case if you are a pet owner, as your choices are more limited. Your cat’s nails can leave scratches or your dog could have an accident on the floor, resulting in stains and unappealing odors. Keep your furry friend inside with your family by investing in a durable and suitable floor for pets. Here are the top five flooring options for pet owners.

    Top 5 flooring options for pets

    1. Tile and stone flooring

    Stone and tile flooring are favorable options for many pet owners, for a number of reasons. Stone and tile are both durable and scratch-resistant. Any scratches that do occur are very difficult to notice. Furthermore, stone and tile flooring do not absorb any moisture, which makes it easy to clean if your pet does have an accident.

    Tile flooring can cost anywhere between $1.00 per square foot to $30.00 per square foot. Contact Flooring HQ to choose a flooring that works best with your budget.

    If you worry that the hard tile or stone may be uncomfortable for your pet, you can place a soft dog sofa or bed so your pet has a warm place to rest. Cats are also able to rest on any nearby cozy couch or chair.

    Dog on tile flooring in a kitchen


    • Waterproof
    • Highly resistant to scratches
    • Easy to clean


    • Feels cold and hard underfoot

    2. Bamboo flooring

    If you want a natural look for your floors that is also suitable for pets, bamboo flooring will work best. It is highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains. Bamboo gives your home a special look and the hardwood surface makes it easy to clean up after your pet.

    The more sustainable flooring option, bamboo flooring roughly costs between $5.00 to $15 per square foot.

    Close-up of bamboo flooring


    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Stain and scratch-resistant
    • Eco-friendly
    • Durable


    • Irregular quality depending on source

    3. Luxury vinyl flooring

    Luxury vinyl is a budget-friendly option for pet owners looking for durable flooring material. The thick underfoot surface creates a floor that is comfortable for your pets to lie down, which makes it easier for you to keep them off your best furniture.

    When correctly installed, the luxury vinyl planks are water-resistant, which makes them appropriate for pets. Average material costs for vinyl plank flooring range between $1.50 and $10 per square foot, depending on the product.

    Luxury vinyl flooring planks


    • Affordable
    • Comfortable for pets
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Water and scratch-resistant
    • Durable


    • Difficult to remove

    4. Engineered hardwood

    As a rule of thumb, solid hardwood floors are not recommended for pets. However, engineered hardwood is durable and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for pet owners who love the look of wood flooring. Brazilian cherry or white oak are recommended.

    Costs for engineered hardwood range between $4.50 to $12 per square foot.


    • Increases your home’s resale value
    • More water-resistant than older hardwood floorings
    • Durable
    • Looks elegant


    • Can easily be scratched
    • Higher maintenance
    • Not moisture-proof

    5. Cork flooring

    Cork flooring is ideal for pet owners because of microbial properties which keep your home free from mold and allergens, even with the presence of a pet. Cork flooring is also a soft, warm surface for your pet to lay on. Its resilient nature allows your pet to move around without slipping easily.

    While no natural wood floor is completely resistant to scratches, cork flooring is more adaptable to a pet’s claws than traditional hardwood. While water-resistant, cork flooring is not waterproof, so pet owners will need to clean any spills or accidents immediately to protect their floor.

    The price of cork flooring material ranges from $3 to $12 per square foot or an average of $7.50 per square foot. It’s available in planks or tiles.

    Young girl and dog on cork flooring in a living room


    • Microbial properties
    • Absorbs sound
    • Warm, soft and resilient


    • Less scratch-resistant
    • Not waterproof

    What flooring materials should pet owners avoid?

    If you want a flooring material that is durable and suitable for your pets, it is important to know which flooring materials to avoid.


    Carpet absorbs water and stains easily. Cats also claw at it and your dog will chew the new carpet flooring.

    Solid hardwood

    Solid hardwood can easily be scratched. Pet accidents and spills destroy the floor as well.

    Traditional laminate flooring

    Traditional laminate flooring can damage easily from water spills. Its slippery texture is a potential cause for injury.

    Ready to install new flooring?

    It is important to choose a flooring that suits your home and your pet. Contact Flooring HQ for all of your flooring needs.

    Common Myths About Laminate Flooring

    Common Myths About Laminate Flooring

    Common myths about laminate flooring

    While people have been using laminate flooring for a long time, there are many strange assumptions about this flooring material. Considering laminate flooring for your home? Here are some common myths about laminate flooring and why they are not true.

    Myth #1: Laminate isn’t durable

    Reality: Laminate can withstand years of common household wear and tear.

    One of the most common myths about laminate flooring is that it is flimsy and can easily be damaged. However, each panel of laminate flooring is made up of four layers:

    • Base
    • Substrate
    • Pattern
    • Wear layer

    Each layer is primarily hard on its own, and all of them are bonded with high pressure and resins, which add more strength to the planks. These layers contribute to making the material much stronger and more durable. If maintained properly, laminate flooring can last for years.

    Pet dog on laminate flooring

    Myth #2: Laminate flooring looks cheap

    Reality: New laminate flooring offers an elegant variety of textures, designs, and styles.

    If you are planning to install laminate flooring in your home, then definitely look for the latest designs and textures available. New, laminate flooring options have a great variety of textures, designs, and styles that mirror almost any kind of hardwood or stone finish. They consist of images and patterns of the natural material in exceptional quality as the uppermost layer, which is secured by a protective coating.

    Myth #3: Cleaning laminate flooring is tiresome

    Reality: Dirt and debris rarely build up in between planks. Laminate flooring can be easily cleaned with a mop or vacuum.

    Many believe cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring is difficult as the fibreboard core might get damaged due to moisture. However, this idea is false. Laminate flooring is tightly installed and there are hardly any gaps between the planks. This makes it hard for dirt and debris to set in. A dust mop and frequent vacuuming is enough to keep the flooring clean. Using a damp mop and particular cleaners (specifically made for this material) ensures a clean and spotless floor.

    Young child with paintbox sitting on laminate flooring

    Tips for cleaning laminate flooring:

    • Avoid using a wet mop on a cracked surface as the water can infiltrate into the core layers and can damage its base
    • Try cleaning little spills as soon as you possibly can to prevent lasting stains
    • Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar since it can damage the surface
    • Put area rugs and mats at the entrance to reduce the amount of dirt entering your home
    • Avoid using ammonia, bleach, or any harsh chemicals for cleaning the floor

    Myth #4: Laminate can’t be repaired

    Reality: Repairing laminate flooring is a smooth procedure.

    Laminate is installed in the form of planks. This makes it easier to repair or replace only the problem area while leaving the rest of the flooring intact. Small scratches can be fixed with wax pencils or a repair kit like hardwood. If the flooring was installed using the click-lock method in the first place, then you can effortlessly replace a plank or two as per your requirements. Replacing is only necessary when the damage is beyond repair.

    Myth #5: Laminate flooring is expensive

    Reality: Laminate flooring is less expensive when compared to hardwood, tiles, and carpets.

    The latest laminate flooring is the perfect depiction of natural materials, which gives them an expensive look. However, laminate flooring is much more cost-effective as compared to hardwood, tiles, and carpets. The charm and durability of laminate flooring together give your home a luxurious look. When you compare its easy maintenance and longevity with the price, you can confidently say that laminate is a fruitful investment for your home.

    Newly installed laminate flooring

    Myth #6: Laminate gets scratched easily

    Reality: Laminate flooring withstands dents and scratches.

    This belief is entirely untrue. Laminate flooring is a material that holds up well against dents and scratches. The uppermost layer of laminate flooring is tremendously hard and gives great protection to the floor. It can endure small scratches well but isn’t completely indestructible. If we compare laminate with hardwood or vinyl, it is actually better at withstanding dents and scratches.

    Over time, laminate can get dents and cracks. This is why we recommend replacing the tiles to prevent them from getting damaged by water through the fissures.

    Myth #7: Laminate is similar to vinyl

    Reality: Laminate and vinyl are constructed with different materials and layering.

    Laminate and vinyl both are indeed artificial flooring materials, but you can easily differentiate between the two. The main difference between both the flooring materials is the way they are constructed with materials and layering. Laminate consists of a hard fibreboard with its core topped with a design and wear layer. Whereas vinyl flooring has a resilient, flexible core that is composed of water-resistant materials.

    Install high-quality laminate flooring in your home

    Laminate flooring is elegant, easy to clean, durable, and inexpensive. Now that you have cleared any confusion regarding laminate flooring, you may be confident that it is perfect for your home. Contact us today to get a head start on installation and obtain a free quote.

    Top 10 Grout Cleaning Products for Floors

    Top 10 Grout Cleaning Products for Floors

    Grout stains are caused by mildew, mold, and substances you do not want inside your home. What is the best way to get rid of grouts?

    Today, we have plenty of products available in the market, making it harder for us to choose the best grout cleaner for our homes. To make sure you don’t invest your time and money in the wrong product, we have gathered the best grout cleaners that will give your floor and walls a clean and refreshing look.

    Man cleaning grout with a toothbrush

    Best grout cleaning products in 2021

    Grout-Eez Super Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner

    When it comes to grout cleaners, Grout-Eez Super Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner is the one to trust. All you need to do is simply spray this strong formula on your ceramic or porcelain tiles, wait for 10 minutes, and then wipe off all the dirt hiding in your grout.



    • Easy to use
    • Time-efficient
    • Safe for porcelain and ceramic tiles
    • Contains a professional-strength formula that wipes away all the dirt

    Customer Reviews

    “With the help of light-handed brushstroke, I pilled up the grime and dispersed it down the wall. With just a single pass, all of the rust-colored stains vanished and made the tiles look almost similar to the time when we first moved in.” – Rachel E.

    Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner

    Another great option to choose is the Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner.

    This grout cleaner can clean even the grimiest grout and users say that it keeps up with its promise. It clears up any oil, grease, or soap present on your tiles. This formula is suitable for marble, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Spray it on the grout, wait for 2-3 minutes, then wipe it off using a brush.

    Black Diamond Grout Cleaner product


    • Fast-acting product
    • The acid-free solution, which is safe for marble
    • Has a mild odor as compared to other cleaners

    Customer Reviews

    “Great product from what I can see. My bathroom grout (white tile/grout) was nasty from the previous owners of the house. About an hour on the floor with this product and the grout looks as good as it ever has while we have owned the house. There are some areas of missing grout and a few small soap stains, but overall this has made the floor look new.” – M Smith.

    Soft Scrub Gel Cleanser

    Looking for a formula that leaves your grout sparkling and handles the rest of your house as well? Soft Scrub Gel Cleanser is your top choice. This gel formula is best if you want to deep clean those crevices and make them look whiter and brighter. The bleach present in this product kills all the germs on everything: whether it be your kitchen, shower, or toilet.

    Soft Scrub Product


    • Requires less scrubbing
    • A non-abrasive scrub which is good for many surfaces
    • Amazing for showers, toilets, and kitchen countertops

    Customer Reviews

    “Our grout on our kitchen floor looked nearly black it was so dirty after 30 years of dirt and aging. This product was a miracle! I would put it on the grout, let it sit for a second, then scrub with a toothbrush and everything would scrub right off. I highly recommend this product.”- Jennifer S.

    Mold Armor Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

    When you are looking for shower grout, you will need something that can take off stubborn mold and mildew, like Mold Armor Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover.

    The bleach present in the product kills the mold and mildew instantly without much scrubbing. It not only removes mold but prevents it from coming back for two entire months. You can also use the product for all the other bathroom cleaning needs, including your toilet.

    Mold Armor Mold and Mildew Stain Remover


    • Best for shower mold, mildew, and scum
    • Prevents the buildup of mold and mildew
    • Requires little to no scrubbing

    Customer Reviews

    Customers call this product “magical”, “amazing”, and “the best product ever”.

    Krud Kutter Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser

    Krud Kutter Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser is manufactured to cut through all the dirt gathered in the grout and other areas. It is best known for its effective use on kitchen tiles because of the degreaser. Though you can also use the product in driveways, denim, and engines. To clean up the tiles and grout, you should use the product at its full strength but dilute it for other surfaces.

    Krud Kutter Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser


    • Great for cleaning different surfaces
    • Safe for children and pets
    • Scent-free

    Customer Reviews

    “Bought this to remove soot on vinyl siding caused by a pellet stove. Nothing would touch it. Rinsed off with power washer, sprayed with Krud Kutter, and scrubbed with a yellow and green scrub pad. Was amazed at the results”.- Mammie

    Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Liquid

    Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Liquid can be used to clean a wide range of home surfaces like chrome, porcelain, stainless steel, copper, ceramic, tile, grout, and more.

    With an ergonomic grout cleaning brush, this product seeps into the grout, allowing you to remove the dirt a few seconds after the application.

    Bar Keepers Friend Product


    • Comes with a free grout cleaning brush
    • Contains a food-safe formula
    • Silicone and ammonia-free product

    Customer Reviews

    “This stuff works great for smooth cooktop ranges. Doesn’t scratch and works quickly.”- Andrew

    Followin Mold and Mildew Remover

    Followin Mold and Mildew Remover is a cleaning product that is specifically manufactured to wipe mold, mildew, fungus, and algae stains. It doesn’t require scrubbing and is safe to use on wood, drywall, tile, concrete, grout, and siding.

    Followin Mold and Mildew Remover


    • Safe for any surface
    • Contains a powerful concentrated gel formula
    • Makes the surface look new

    Customer Reviews

    “This worked. I am glad I finally tried it. Only one application but you can see there is a little remaining for a second application. This was a good-sized bottle. I had purchased a smaller product from Japan that was more expensive and worked as well but I wanted to get a local product and this fit the bill.”-Calvin

    Granite Gold Grout Cleaner

    Most grout cleaners are not suitable for marble or granite tile floors. This is because the chemicals present in the products can etch the natural stone. Granite Gold Grout Cleaner is an exception.

    Granite Gold is famous for manufacturing products that are friendly to stone surfaces. This product is formulated with no use of acid or ammonia, which are two ingredients that destroy the stone. It is also safe for porcelain, glass tile, ceramic, and food contact surfaces.

    Granite Gold Grout Cleaner


    • Suitable for many surfaces
    • Comes with an agitator brush
    • Contains a safe and acid-free formula

    Customer Reviews

    “The tan grout in my kitchen gets black. I have had to use full-strength ammonia in the past, with all its stink, and still, scrub a lot, so I was ready to pay a grout cleaning service. With this product, I do not need to do that. This product is so easy to use, works incredibly well, and has no odor. I am reordering it to keep it in stock. I could not recommend it more highly.”-Ronald

    Tech 128 oz. Grout Cleaner

    House floor grouts can become the grimiest in the house. For this reason, you need something tough yet safe so that it doesn’t harm your feet. Tech 128 oz. Grout Cleaner is odor-free,100% biodegradable, and cleans your toughest grout stains.

    Tech Grout Cleaner Product


    • Works well on all grout types
    • Does not bleach colored grout
    • Has no chemical fumes and is odor-free

    Customer Reviews

    “Easy to use, really works, and doesn’t have much of an odor. Love it.”- Kathy.

    ZEP Grout Cleaner and Brightener

    ZEP Grout Cleaner and Brightener is a brightener and grout cleaner. It makes your grout as white and clean as possible in just a few minutes. It requires little or no scrubbing.

    ZEP Grout Cleaner


    • Safe for all surfaces except for marble, metals, stone, or corian
    • Bleach-free
    • Inexpensive
    • Has a mild scent

    Customer Reviews

    “I have white grout on my shower floor tile. I have cleaned and scrubbed with everything you can think of—bleach/baking soda/vinegar/magic eraser/barkeepers—and NOTHING has worked as well as this!! It looks like it does the day the tile was installed. AMAZING!!!”.- Bethany

    Person with a yellow glove cleaning grout with a toothbrush

    What should you consider when buying a grout cleaner?


    Different types of grout cleaners are made for different types of grouts. There are some particularly manufactured for showers or kitchens, while you can use the others on almost any grout. Consider the surface around the grout you want to clean to ensure that the cleaner you’re buying is safe for it.


    Also consider the amount of elbow grease involved in the product. With some cleaners, you only need to spray and then wipe off, while others require some scrubbing.


    The strength of the grout you require depends on the dirt present on the grout. If you’re in search of a product that can prevent gunk from building up on the grout that is already clean, then a milder cleaning product should be used. However, if your grout has tough stains, you’ll need a stronger cleaner to make your grouts whiter and brighter.

    Best Kitchen Flooring Materials

    Best Kitchen Flooring Materials

    Your kitchen floor needs to be highly durable. Many things can happen to a floor on a daily basis, whether it be spills, heat, or accidentally dropped utensils. Your kitchen flooring needs to bear all the hazards and still look good. Not every flooring material is suitable for this space, and some materials last long and require less maintenance than others.

    Durable kitchen flooring materials

    The seven best kitchen flooring materials are:

    • Hardwood
    • Bamboo
    • Ceramic
    • Concrete
    • Natural stone
    • Linoleum
    • Vinyl


    Hardwood is an extremely durable material in most parts of the house. Though it doesn’t suit areas susceptible to moisture, such as bathrooms. In the past, hardwood wasn’t considered a wise choice for kitchens because moisture is an issue. However modern sealers and polyurethane finishes are contributing to the durability and longevity of hardwood floors, making them suitable for kitchens.

    Modern flooring kitchen with hardwood flooring

    Compared to other flooring options, hardwood flooring is more vulnerable to developing moisture and stains. However, many people love the aged look of a well-used hardwood floor. Furthermore, solid hardwood flooring always gives you an option of sanding and refinishing the floor to make it look all new.


    • Gives your kitchen an elegant look
    • Can be repaired and refinished easily
    • Warmer and softer than tiles
    • Increases the value of your home


    • Vulnerable to scratches, dents, and water damage
    • Expensive
    • Requires high maintenance
    • Challenging to install by yourself


    Bamboo is quite similar to hardwood in look and feel but is more resistant to moisture and water damage. To give your kitchen a classy and attractive look, bamboo flooring material is your right choice.

    Modern kitchen with bamboo flooring

    Bamboo is more expensive than hardwood though you benefit from its increased durability. It is more difficult to refinish since there is no natural grain direction to the material. Though with the help of a professional, refinishing is definitely possible.


    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Durable
    • Eco-friendly
    • Resistant to water and moisture


    • Vulnerable to developing scratches
    • Sensitive to excessive humidity and water

    Ceramic tile

    Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay which is glazed, shaped, and fired under heat. This makes ceramic exceptionally durable flooring. It is extremely hard and highly resistant to water and stains. Additionally, ceramic tiles (including porcelain) are heat and breakage-resistant. Under normal situations, they can last forever with only minor changes to their appearance or functioning.

    Interior of a kitchen with a ceramic tile floor

    Ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, natural patterns, and sizes.


    • Durable
    • Water and stain-resistant
    • Cost-effective
    • Easy to maintain


    • Slippery
    • Hard
    • Cold when barefoot
    • Unsuitable for upper story installation

    Concrete tile

    Concrete flooring is another cheap and outlasting option for your kitchen, especially if you are living on the ground floor. Oftentimes, a concrete slab will already be present underneath the existing floor coverings. This surface can be stained, polished, or treated in several ways to make it appealing and stylish flooring for your kitchen. If there is no concrete slab available, you can install a new pour over a variety of subfloor surfaces. Concrete floors are mostly found in modern-style kitchens.

    Modern kitchen with a concrete flooring


    • Durable
    • Inexpensive
    • Easy to maintain
    • Available in various designs, shapes, and sizes


    • Susceptible to moisture
    • Hard
    • Feels cold on bare feet

    Natural stone tile

    Natural stone is a durable and lasting flooring option for any kitchen.

    Natural stone flooring options include:

    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Limestone
    • Sandstone
    • Slate
    • Travertine

    Natural stone gives your kitchen a very luxurious look. Granite and marble, in particular, both consist of an appealing veining that gives a floor a unique appearance. When it comes to selling your house, a kitchen with natural stone flooring is an added bonus.

    Interior of a kitchen with natural stone flooring

    Natural stone is porous and vulnerable to water and liquid stain penetration, which are both common issues in the kitchen. However, this problem can be solved with a quality penetrating stone sealer. Annual applications help solve this problem by creating an invisible coat of protection over the stone.

    Moreover, different types of stones have different characteristics such as scratch resistance, durability, and hardness. When properly sealed and maintained, granite and slate can last for years. Sandstone and travertine, on the other hand, are more likely to wear with time but still perform well over long periods. Polished marble is most likely to quickly develop scratches and stains.


    • Long-lasting
    • Attractive look
    • Easy to clean
    • Not slippery


    • Expensive
    • Porous
    • Easily chipped


    Linoleum was a popular kitchen flooring material fifty years ago and is now making a massive comeback. Linoleum is made of all-natural linseed oil, which makes the material environmentally friendly and easy to clean. If properly maintained, linoleum can last up to 40 years.

    Basement kitchen with linoleum flooring


    • Flexible and soft
    • Requires low maintenance
    • Variety of colors and patterns
    • Biodegradable and renewable


    • Turns yellow when exposed to light
    • Susceptible to scratches
    • Has an installation odor


    Vinyl is the most convenient and versatile kitchen flooring option. It is a man-made material that is highly resistant to damage, stains, and water problems. Cleaning vinyl is easy as it can be kept through vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping.

    Worker installing vinyl flooring

    Vinyl can begin to wear after 7-10 active years of use in the kitchen. However, it is the least expensive and most DIY-friendly among all the other flooring materials. The modern version of vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl is a top-quality flooring option that is available in styles that look similar to wood or stone.


    • Inexpensive
    • Water and stain-resistant
    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • Flexible design
    • Easy to clean and maintain


    • Not biodegradable
    • Not resistant to damage
    • Hard to remove

    What should you consider when choosing a floor?


    Choose the material that can withstand frequent spills without leaving stains and is unbreakable when kitchen utensils fall off.

    Resistance to water

    Your kitchen is a semi-wet area so choose a flooring material that does not get damaged in case you or your child accidentally spills any liquid.

    Easy to clean

    Kitchens are areas highly prone to messes and spills, so ensure that your flooring is easy to clean.


    Choose a flooring material that complements the rest of your home. With a wide variety of kitchen flooring options available, you can select any material that is resilient and stylish.

    Ready to install the perfect flooring?

    Kitchen flooring must be durable, stylish, and require low maintenance. The proper installation plays a massive role in the longevity and strength of flooring material. Contact Flooring HQ to help you choose the best flooring material that matches your requirements. Our experienced professionals guarantee a clean and proper installation of your new kitchen flooring.