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Why incorporate mosaic tiles into your next home project?

Easy Installation

Mosaic tiles are available for easy installation on 12x12 mesh sheets. Each sheet can be installed as a 12x12 sheet or can be cut down into an appropriate size needed for the installation project.

Wet vs Dry & Wall vs Floor

Mosaic tiles can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, wall and floor coverings. It is important to understand certain mosaic tiles are manufactured for use in certain conditions according to the surrounding environment. Installation in wet versus dry areas are important to keep in mind before a mosaic tile purchase and install. Also, certain mosaic tiles are manufactured specifically for installation on a wall versus the floor. Planning in advance ensures a smooth installation with mosaic tiles for your next flooring project.

Tile Highlights & Decorative Accents

Mosaic tiles are used to create accent pieces or to break up the monotony of a tile job. A variety of mosaic tile color, shape, as well as size are available for both decorative and standard mosaic tiles.

Transition strips

Mosaic tiles are now used for unconventional methods such as transition strips. If your next flooring project involves multiple flooring options for each room and you want to divide each room without the use of a traditional transition strip, a mosaic tile strip installation is an alternative option.

Quick fix for uneven surfaces

Another unconventional use for mosaic tiles is the ability to install between two different floor coverings that are at slightly different elevations. A benefit of mosaic tiles attached to mesh sheets is flexibility. During installation uneven surfaces are no longer an issue when the mesh sheets can be installed between to different height floors.

Decorative vs Standard

Decorative mosaic tiles are composed of a multitude of different tiles, which feature a variation, of styles, colors, and textures. Whereas, standard mosaic tiles consist of the same tile used in the tile project whether a floor covering or wall covering.

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