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Tile Flooring

Our durable, long-lasting tile finish will put you at ease. Both stain resistant and easy-to-clean, there’s no need to worry about the state of your flooring. Visit our non-commission showroom to see all of the options, starting at $1.99/sq.ft.

Tile flooring


Why is American Made Porcelain Tile a perfect flooring option for your next home project?

Manufacturing Process

With America being one of the leading flooring industries for high quality flooring, our American made porcelain tile is designed for quality as well as durability. A high quality porcelain tile is manufactured with refined ingredients free of impurities.


Traditionally, engineered wood is glued down allowing for a quieter flooring option. With a glued down engineered wood installation there will be no hollow sound. Another method of installation known to save money is to float the new engineered wood flooring.

Hardness Rating

Porcelain tile is heated at a higher temperature compared to ceramic tile. At higher temperatures the baking process of porcelain tiles allows for a hard and durable tile to be manufactured. Porcelain tiles are also categorized by a hardness rating. Depending upon your flooring needs an appropriate hardness rating can be determined before purchasing.

Water Resistance

Porcelain is less porous than ceramic tile allowing for a higher resistance to water and a higher durability.


Most porcelain tiles are color body tile. The benefit of a color body tile is the prominent color of the tile is seen throughout the composition of the tile. So, if by chance a chip occurred in the porcelain tile, the exposed color would be consistent with the color of the face of the tile as compared to a red-clay color seen with ceramic tiles. It is important to understand that the likelihood of a chip to occur in a porcelain tile is rare due to the durability of porcelain. However, if a chip did occur on a porcelain tile, it would be practically undetectable compared to a chip occurring on a ceramic tile.

Optimal For Walls

Ceramic tiles are just fine for the wall, however, not recommended for the floor because of the lack of durability in ceramic.

Response to COVID-19

With the COVID-19 status changing daily we have decided to limit our business hours to appointment only. This was decided in an effort to keep you and our employees safe. You can also contact us to have samples of our flooring delivered to your home.

We are taking extra precautions by sticking to strict hygiene procedures, avoiding unnecessary contact and keeping a proper distance between customers and employees in order to keep you safe.

Please call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

The Flooring HQ Team

Nicholas Leason

“Owner David Anderson personally help me in his showroom. He took the time to educate me on the differences in the tiles I was considering. I loved the way Flooring HQ does business.”

Charles Kulmann

“I have been a satisfied customer of Flooring HQ for many years. I purchased carpeting, tile and laminated bamboo flooring for two homes, and have been pleased by the quality of the products and the price. Also, the professionalism of the installers they recommended was great; the work was done on time, and at the price agreed upon. I highly recommend Flooring HQ.”

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