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What Is the Average Price Per Square Foot of Carpet?

What to expect when buying carpet
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Aug 7, 2023

The average price per square ft. of carpet is $2.

Is the Price of Padding Included?

Padding usually isn’t included in the price of the carpet. Some companies may include the padding for free, but the cost of the padding is usually made up elsewhere, either in the cost of the carpet or in the cost of the installation. Padding by itself usually averages in cost between $0.35 and $0.65, but it can be a good idea to plan for as much as $1.00 to $1.20 per foot, depending on the type of padding, to make sure that you enough in your budget for the padding.

What Are the Different Types of Carpet Padding?

Carpet padding comes in a variety of materials that vary in price and intended use. The different types of padding include:
  • Urethane foam
  • Bonded urethane
  • Waffle rubber
  • Flat rubber
  • Fiber cushion

How Are Carpet Prices Calculated?

The entire cost of the carpet can be calculated by multiplying the length times the width of the room to determine the number of square feet. Multiply the total number of square feet by the cost per square foot of the carpet. If padding isn’t included, multiply the cost of the padding by the total number of square feet, and then add the result to the total cost per square foot of the carpet. Do the same for any installation costs. It’s a good idea to multiply your total square feet by 1.1. This will allow extra carpet for cuts.

What Factors Impact the Price?

The factors that impact the price of the carpet include the following:
  • Color
  • Style
  • Pile height
  • Thickness
  • Durability
  • Material
  • Weight in ounces
Carpet manufacturers often use the weight of the carpet as the primary indicator of price, with heaver carpets costing more per square foot than lighter ones. The strength of the carpet fibers is also a major factor, which depends on the carpet materials. Carpet fibers are usually made out of nylon or polyester, but because nylon is slightly stronger, it’s more expensive.

What Is the Least Expensive Type of Carpet?

Olefin (polypropylene) is one of the least expensive fibers that is used to make carpet. It isn’t very resilient, however, unless it’s in looped form, which can help strengthen it. Olefin fiber carpet is thus generally recommended only for areas that don’t get a lot of foot traffic.

What Is the Most Expensive Type of Carpet?

The most expensive type of carpet is carpet with wool fibers. This is because wool is the only natural fiber used for carpet. All other types of fibers are synthetic.

How Much Carpet do I Need?

To find out how much carpet you need, first, you need to know exactly how large the area you want to carpet will be. If you’re carpeting only one room, measure the length and the width of the room. If you’re carpeting a larger area of your home, then it’s still a good idea to measure room by room. Once you have the measurements, multiply the length times the width to determine the square footage of the room. Add all of the rooms square footage together to get the total number of square feet you’ll need. Multiply that total by 1.1 to add 10% for cuts. To make the calculations easier, you can use an online calculator to help you figure out how much carpet you need.

How Can I Measure My Room Accurately?

To accurately measure your room, you’ll need either a tape measure or a laser distance measurer. If your room is exactly rectangular and has no doorways or closets, then your job is easy – just measure the length and the width and then multiply them together to get the square footage of the room. Most rooms aren’t quite so simple, however. For any doorways, measure from the wall opposite the doorframe to the middle of the doorway. If your room isn’t 100% rectangular, use the longest measurement possible. It’s best to get your room professionally measured. Carpets come in 12-foot rolls and, depending on the size of the room, may need to be seamed. The carpet roll can’t just be turned 90 degrees to fit because then the seam would show. To make sure you have enough carpet, you may want to round up to the nearest five inches.

Do I Need To Buy More than My Measurement?

It’s important to buy more than the exact measurement of the room. During the installation process, you will need to cut some strips off of the carpet, so having extra will leave you room to do that and still carpet the entire room. It’s usually recommended to multiply your room’s total square footage by 1.1 in order to add 10% more. This will leave enough room for cuts.

How Can I Install My Own Carpet?

It is possible to install your own carpet. However, if you’re not experienced with carpet installation, it may be a good idea to hire professionals to install it for you to ensure a good installation. Once all preparation has been completed, you can first install the tackless strips against the walls. Don’t put tackless strips in door frames or anywhere people may step, since stepping on them can hurt. Then, you can install the carpet padding, stapling together any pad seams and then trimming the padding around the edges so it neatly fits against the wall. Once the padding is down, you can prepare the carpet for installation by trimming it down to size. Make sure to leave at least 3 inches on the sides so you’ve got some extra room. Then, you can lay down the carpet. Make any additional trims that you need to (but keep that extra three inches!) and then glue the seams together. Attach the carpet to the tackless strips along the wall. Then trim the excess carpet away. You may need to stretch the carpet to ensure that it’s flat across the floor and reaches the tackless strips on the other side of the room. If there are any areas, such as doorways, where there are no tackless strips, then fasten a binder bar to the carpet to cover the edge. Make any last trims you need to and your carpet has been installed!

What Preparation Is Needed Before Installation?

The first step is to move everything, including furniture, out of the room. Then, have any old carpeting removed. Some carpet companies will remove and haul away the old carpet. The next steps involve clearing the way for the new carpet. Thoroughly clean the subfloor and remove all doors from their frames so they don’t get in the way.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Carpet Professionally Installed?

To have a carpet professionally installed, the average price is $0.50 per square foot. Some installers have minimum prices of $200, so if you are installing carpet in a smaller room, you may end up paying more than the average price per square foot for the installation. The total average cost of a carpet installation ranges from $980 to $1,680

Is Installation More Expensive With More Expensive Carpet?

The installation costs are generally not connected to the cost of the carpet. A more expensive carpet shouldn’t be any more expensive to install than a cheaper carpet.

How Should I Take Care of My Carpet?

Taking proper care of your carpet will help it last longer, getting more use out of the price. Cleaning it regularly is important, but how you clean can also affect the life expectancy of your carpet. When vacuuming, for example, make sure that the vacuum is set at the correct height for your carpet. Doing a thorough deep clean or hiring a professional cleaning service periodically will also help ensure that your carpet lasts longer.

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