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Hardwood Floor Trends 2010

Dec 9, 2014

Hardwood Floor Trends June 2010


Wood floors make a beautiful addition to any home because of their timeless beauty and because they are always in style with any décor.  There are many species and varieties of wood flooring available today so there are many options available to fit your home and design scheme.


Handscraped and distressed woods are popular with those who like a wood floor with texture and a rustic and antiqued finish. Handscraped floors generally come in a matte finish which hides scratches better than a glossy finish and any additional nicks and scrapes that occur only add to the beauty and character of the wood.  The popularity of handscraped floors has grown in the last few years.


Glossy finish hardwood floors are also and manufacturers are producing floors with a much higher sheen level than before.  These high sheen floors give rooms a totally new look and feel by creating a more clean, crisp and elegant feel. 


Wider plank widths have also gained in popularity and you are seeing more and more plants that are between 4” to 7” wide.  The wider planks work well in large spaces and rooms with a more casual décor.  You’ll find narrower planks in the more formal and more traditional homes and rooms.


The trend in hardwood floors is also going toward darker and richer shades. 


Although Oak floors are the main staple of the hardwood floor industry, more and more people are starting to look at other varieties of wood such as cherry, birch, maple and exotic species.  Most homeowners and builders want to differentiate themselves from others and so the trend in hardwood flooring is going towards a less traditional look.  Over the last few years, the popularity of maple has increased as well as that of bamboo.  The West Coast and Southeast region of the United States are leading the country in this new trend.  The increased popularity of bamboo is attributed to its hardness, appearance and green quality.


No matter what your style or taste, there is a wood floor out there to fit your needs.