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Bringing the New Baby Home: Which Flooring Types Are Best?

Best flooring for the little ones
Nov 27, 2016
When bringing a new baby home, flooring should be a top consideration. The type of flooring throughout the house will impact your baby’s life in many ways. Babies spend a lot of time on the floor playing, learning to crawl, and learning to walk, so it is important that the flooring be soft but also easy to clean. If you will be bringing a new baby home soon, consider the following flooring types for your home.

Carpet or Carpet Tile

Carpet is a popular flooring type for nurseries and living rooms in homes with children because of the softness. The issue with carpet is that most of the softer types stain easily and are difficult to completely clean. Carpet tile makes it easy to replace the flooring in high traffic areas regularly or when spills and stains occur. Some carpeting may also be stain resistant or easier to clean. Ask professionals at the flooring store when shopping for carpeting about carpet options that are good for children.

Sealed Cork

Sealed cork is soft and resilient underfoot, but is easier to thoroughly clean than carpet. The flooring is also sound absorbing, insulating, and eco friendly. Cork will scratch, however, and may not always look perfect if it is highly trafficked. The flooring will have to be refinished every so often and will require frequent cleaning, as dirt not only shows but scratches the surface and creates grooves. Cork is similar in appearance to wood.

Wood Floors

Wood floors are extremely durable and long lasting, so they offer a sound return on investment. The floors are also easy to clean, which is a plus with all of the spills and messes that are bound to come with a new baby in the house. The issue with wood floors is that they are hard and can be cold or warm depending on the outdoor temperature. If wood floors are selected, throw rugs can make a comfortable place for your baby to play and learn. It is also important to make sure that the floors are well maintained, with no splinters.

Large Rugs

Large rugs are an easy and inexpensive option that can cover many different flooring types. Rugs can be taken out and cleaned more thoroughly than carpet, but offer the comfort and softness. Rugs will become worn and have to be replaced more often, however. If you want to create a theme that you expect to change as your baby grows, you can select a rug to fit that theme. If you wish to replace your flooring before your new baby comes home, call 407-262-7979 and talk to a flooring professional about the options that fit your needs and preferences.