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2012 Flooring Trends

Dec 9, 2014
Let’s be real.  In 2012, we’re watching what we spend, trying to save more, and seeking products that fit our budget and our style.  We want an expensive look at a cheap rate.  And that’s not all, we expect our purchases to withstand the test of time and be the eco-friendly option.  What we want is value.   As we move into this New Year, our shopping decisions are based on the value we get from the style, functionality and cost of the products we purchase.  Luckily, manufacturers know this about us and have created a variety of low-maintenance, low-cost flooring options that meet our comfort and style preferences.   Top Flooring Options in 2012: Green Although it has been trending for quite some time, the cost of eco-conscious flooring has kept it out of our homes.  But, prices have come down thanks to high demand in the commercial industry.  So this year, we can install that engineered wood, bamboo or cork for several dollars per square foot less than we could have a year ago.   Comfort Nothing’s as comfortable as a nice, plush carpet underneath our bare feet.  And now it’s available with more style and colors than ever before.  Patterns, designs, colors, cuts and material give us plenty of stylish options in the comfortable stuff we’re used to.  Manufacturers like Beaulieu are even making the stuff green, using 100% post-consumer soda bottles to create polyester carpet fibers that are even more stain-resistant than their nylon counterparts.   Function Laminate: It’s easy-to-clean, comfortable, family-friendly, pet-friendly and stain-resistant.  But wait, there’s more!  Not only is laminate flooring functional, but it comes in a variety of styles, colors and textures.   It can mimic the look of exotic and natural hardwood, as well as bamboo.  All at a fraction of the cost.   Style Think Zen.  Unless Art Deco is your thing.  Minimalism, artistic style and linear symmetry (but not necessarily all at the same time) will show up in all of our flooring choices, with hand-scraped hardwood, spa-like porcelain tiles, bamboo, teak, slate, pewter and honey-colored hardwood leading the way. So what does all this mean?  It’s a great year to reinvent your space with fashionable, functional flooring that’s comfortable, affordable, eco-friendly and long-lasting.