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Why Wood-look Tile?

The pros & cons of tile
May 21, 2019
Wood-look tile is the prominent floor covering in the current flooring market. Flooring HQ supplies over 200 wood-look tile options that will make your property stand out from the rest! Wood-look tile is composed of either porcelain or ceramic tile with a wood grain texture inscribed on the surface of the tile. So, not only does the tile look like wood, but the tile has a grain-like texture mimicking the feel of wood flooring.

Why is wood-look tile so prominent in the flooring market?


Wood-look tile is known to be a cheaper flooring option compared to tradition hardwood flooring. Wood-look tile can start at the hundred-dollar range, whereas hardwood flooring can start at the thousand-dollar range.


Wood–look tile is a durable option compared to traditional hardwood. Wood-look tile is more resistant to scratching as well as everyday wear and tear. With the known durability of wood-look tile, it can be installed in any room of your home.

Moisture and Stain Resistant!

Porcelain is the primary tile used in the production of wood-look tile. Porcelain clay is fired at high temperatures making this tile product dense and less porous than other products allowing porcelain wood-look tile to be moisture as well as stain resistant.

Color Options!

With the use of high definition ink-jet technology there is a multitude of colors to choose that will match your room’s theme. Come in and play today in our showroom and let us design your new favorite room of your home!

Design Advice for Wood-Look Tile


Selection of Color…With over 200 wood-look tile options here at Flooring HQ there is a vast amount of color options of wood-look tile for your personal flooring needs. Here is advice on a design tip for choosing the color of grout for your wood-look tile installation. With high definition ink jet technology, a variety of colors and shades will be represented in your selected wood-look tile for your home. Our staff will guide you through a color wheel of grouts suitable for your personal flooring needs. Our experienced opinion here at Flooring HQ is to first detect the darkest shade in your flooring sample. Second, choose the color of the grout to be a shade darker than the one found in your flooring sample. Why a shade darker? The darker shade of grout will create an optical illusion of an outline around each tile. This illusion generates an image of an individual planks of wood casting shadows around the outline of each tile. The final product is a continuous floor composed of wood-look tile that will trick the mind into seeing alluring hardwood planks.

Rectified versus Pressed Edge!

Know the difference…Rectified edge wood-look tile is a highly regarded option. Rectified edge tile is manufactured to ensure a minuscule grout line which will provide an illusion of a harmonious floor covering. Rectified edge wood-look tile is typically selected for wood-look tile installation because of the ability to have a minimal grout line has the appearance of hardwood flooring. Pressed edge wood-look tile is a favorable option if you are looking for a slightly larger grout line. The cost to manufacture as well as install pressed edge wood-look tile is typically known to be a less expensive option. Our staff will help guide you through your selection of wood-look tile edges based on your design dreams for your home.