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BaaD Clips : The Process w/ David Anderson

Jan 6, 2023

Host: So a person okay so like I want to do flooring in my house so I come visit you and then I’m like okay this is the perfect flooring so then what happens there.

David: Sure so once you’ve narrowed down your search we know exactly what you’re going to go with uh with that point we’ll have the installer give you a call schedule time convenient for you to come out and actually uh do a professional measure within the next day we’ll have that professional measure all typed up and we’ll have another quote for all the materials and you’ll be able to see all the numbers in black and white and we do a whole other round of workshopping at that point you know we might find hey we’re actually three grand under budget is there something that would make more sense.

Host: Does that ever happen?

David: Well it does and you know what I always joke around once a month we get somebody who they fall in love with not the most expensive one because people always fall in love.

Host: Why doesn’t that happen for me though?

David: It’s not as it happens but it’s not as common as you might know.