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BaaD Clips : Do You Love It w/ David Anderson

Dec 26, 2022

Host: So tell us you said it’s a retail it’s a brick and mortar people can go there and tell us the process.

David: Sure yeah so, brick and mortar Place huge Showroom on Longwood on Ronald Reagan. We’re almost right across the street from Lyman High School, we sell carpet.

Host: Driving past it numerous times and we’re like I need to call on them yeah I need to sell them radio.

David: Well here we are. This is exciting, I am not intimidated at all or nervous but um yeah the process the customer comes in we’re showing around different samples figuring out what’s the best need for them and a lot of people don’t know what they need and so part of the process is helping people figure out the pros and cons of different items what fits their needs the best and then people are welcome to borrow samples take several samples home at a time.

Host: Oh okay.

David: Very normal for people to make two three four and five trips with us. Well we prefer that it’s we need you to be able to make the right decision we need you to love that your home because I might not see you again for six years because you might not have another project for a while so.