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Explore Your Options When Choosing Laminate

Many styles and varieties
Mar 16, 2019
Laminate flooring has many advantages, including affordability, comfort, and ease of installation. However, one of the advantages that many don’t think of when selecting laminate flooring is versatility. There are now more options than ever before when it comes to laminate, so make sure to explore the many variations in style and color when visiting your Longwood laminate store.

Grey and Smoky Colors

Laminate is now available in shades of grey that can give your home a modern, clean look. The flooring still retains the charms of wood flooring, but adds a unique element that can make a room really pop. The earthy grey tones work well with other earth tones, but also flow when paired with bright or bold colors.

Shabby Chic Laminate

Shabby chic flooring has a weathered, aged look that can be desirable for achieving a rustic or romantic look. Shabby chic is made to look like paint has worn through in some areas to expose beautiful wood underneath. Shabby chic laminate can give a room or an entire home a classic look that would be difficult and expensive to achieve using other materials.

Wide Plank

Thin planks usually come to mind when most people think of laminate, and indeed that’s the style that has been most readily available and used in the past. Many laminate flooring stores now offer wide plank variations, however. Wide planks can make the flooring stand out, giving a room a bold and fresh look.

Combination Woods

Instead of selecting all one type of laminate, going with a few different grains and colors can give a room a funky, natural look. You can mix up red, brown, and grey tones to make it look like reclaimed wood was used or to create a pattern in the flooring. If you choose to mix up laminate styles, work with Longwood flooring experts to make sure the different flooring is compatible.

Exotic Woods

Laminate can be made to look like different kinds of exotic hardwood. This can make these particular wood styles available and affordable. Exotic wood laminates can give a home a distinctive tropical look that will compliment a pool or Florida room. Some exotic wood options are available with a hand-carved look or with different plank sizes throughout to make the flooring look more realistic. Laminate flooring is breaking away from traditional looks and embracing new styles. While you may start out selecting laminate for its affordability and ease, you may end up loving it because of its uniqueness and beauty.