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5 Ways New Flooring Can Improve Your Life

Quality of life improvements
Aug 15, 2016
When you go to pick out new flooring and start visualizing how your home will look when you put new flooring down, you may not realize what a big impact it will have on your daily life. By taking the time to select the perfect flooring for your space, you may find that your life improves in several subtle and not-so-subtle ways. When considering the different flooring options, think about whether the flooring helps accomplish the following.

1. Makes Rooms More User Friendly

By putting tile or vinyl in rooms that often get wet or messy, you may make the room more user-friendly by reducing the amount of time it takes to clean up. You may also make it possible to more thoroughly clean the floor each time, which may increase the shelf life of the flooring. Clean-up is not the only consideration, though. By putting carpet in rooms that are used for relaxing, you may improve the comfort level of the room, which will also improve its user-friendliness.

2. Enhances Your Home Décor

New flooring might match your paint scheme and belongings better than old flooring, since you are able to choose the colors and style. New flooring will look sharp and will likely be replacing flooring that is worn out, so your home will look more polished after the flooring is installed. Your new flooring may be a point of pride in your home.

3. May Improve Your Air Quality

Older flooring often contains materials that have a harmful impact on indoor air quality. Many modern flooring manufacturers now have standards in place regarding the safety of materials. Be sure to select materials that have low levels of chemical off-gassing, especially if you or someone in your family is sensitive to poor air quality. This small change could dramatically improve your comfort and quality of life.

4. Helps You to Relax While at Home

New flooring may change the ambience and feel of a room, making it easier for you to relax while at home. Being able to let go of daily stresses and sleep easily can improve your life and health in many ways. Simply feeling accomplished for taking action to improve your home may also help you to relax whenever you see the new flooring.

5. Could Better Cushion Feet and Legs

Switching to flooring with more give, such as cork, linoleum, or rubber in rooms like the kitchen is better for the feet, ankles, and legs than harder flooring materials. This holds true not just for the kitchen, but for any room where individuals will be standing or performing activities for hours. It is important to consider durability when selecting flooring for these areas as well, however, as these tend to be some of the most traversed areas.  The right selection will improve your daily comfort while lasting you for years. If you are ready to improve your flooring, give us a call today at (407) 262-7979.