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7 Reasons to Consider Carpeting

Nov 3, 2015
You have decided to change things up in your home and that entails a floor make over with carpet. Upgrading to carpet is a remodel you shouldn’t consider lightly, but there are plenty of reasons to liven up your floors! We are going to share with you seven great reasons why you should consider soft, cushy carpeting.

Warmth and Comfort

Carpet is a much warmer, more comfortable option for your feet. You are able to walk all around your home without being cold because carpet wraps itself around you with each step. Other flooring options don’t insulate well and take much larger to heat up.

Carpet Is Child Friendly

If your family has any little ones or you’re planning on adding infants in the near future, moms agree that carpet is your best options. It’s a softer, warmer surface that makes it easy for your toddlers to crawl and learn how to walk on. The same reason plush carpet makes mobility easy for infants is also why it helps the elderly walk with ease as well.

No Sliding and Scratching

Your furniture stays in one place when you choose carpet. Hardwood surfaces are sensitive and slippery which requires you to place cumbersome pads under every leg. With carpet your furniture stays put so you won’t have to worry about eyesore pads and scratched surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly

Carpets are now manufactured with the health of your world in mind. Whether you want wool or sisal, recycled nylon, or other natural fibers, manufacturers have created luxurious options for you without compromising your style needs. Prices may be higher than some entry-level products, but you will find that being green is worth every cent.

Carpet Has Come a Long Way

There are plenty of reasons to consider carpet when updating the floors in your home. Carpet is great for the young and old with options that appeal to your sense of design. Upgrades and improvements to how its manufactured allow for it to be environmentally safe while still easy to clean. With these reasons and many more, don’t rule out going carpet today! Contact Flooring HQ to answer any of your carpet and flooring questions.