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A Homeowner’s Guide to Dog-Friendly Flooring

Apr 17, 2015
Man’s best friend. It’s estimated that about 40% of American homes have dogs. We love them, but we don’t always love what happens to our flooring when they’re running amuck in our homes (especially because we all know that it basically becomes their home, whether we like it or not). So take a look at some tips for the best dog-friendly flooring so that you can stay as happy as your furry friend. Of course, these tips are also good for the cat lovers out there.

Vinyl Flooring Takes the Cake

For pleasing both pets and their humans, vinyl flooring reigns as one of the top options. Vinyl flooring is durable and resilient, so it’s great for withstanding your pet shenanigans, furry buildup over time, and the occasional accident that may happen. Bonus points are awarded for new luxury vinyl sheet, tile, or plank flooring, as these options are even more durable than their predecessors. When a quality vinyl is installed right, it can be scratch-and-tear-resistant, as well a water-resistant. Hair can be removed with a breeze (literally).

Tile Flooring For Us

If you’re not taking your pet’s opinion into account, tile flooring is the reigning champion for pet owners. Porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone flooring are all great options, as they’re water-resistant, stain-resistant, and super easy to clean. However, the downside to this is that your pup may not be as crazy about tile flooring as you are. But then again, when they have a human to cuddle on top of, who cares about the tile?

Laminate and Hardwood

Laminate and hardwood are also top contenders. However, it bears noting that laminate flooring has among the worst traction of all types of flooring. This means this it can be a bit slippery for dogs and cats, and might actually be a health hazard for some – especially “seniors” or pets who may already have difficulty with mobility.

Making Carpet Work

For some pet owners, carpet flooring can be a downright nightmare. This is especially true for those who have puppies or who have just adopted a pet who needs a little fine-tuning in the potty training department. Another consideration is the fur that can get trapped in your carpeting. So if you have a good vacuum that you’re not opposed to using weekly, and a quality stain-remover for when accidents happen, then carpet can still work for you. In general, we recommend darker colors when possible.