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Who Wants To Be A Flooring Retailer These Days?

Dec 9, 2014
Flooring HQ offers wholesale pricing directly to the public.  “How can they do that,” you might be asking.  In order to answer this question, we must first understand what a flooring retailer is. In the flooring industry, specifically, manufacturers sell their flooring products to distributors, who usually sell many manufacturers’ flooring products to various retailers in a given area.  At each point along the way, a mark up is added to the cost of the flooring, so that each seller can cover costs and turn a profit.  On top of the mark ups already presented, retailers must then place an additional mark up on the products they sell to you – the consumer.  The cost that a consumer then pays is typically known as suggested retail price.  The price is often suggested by the manufacturer in order to control the value of their product in the market. Distributors often require retailers to carry a minimum amount of inventory, so they usually have money tied up in stock.  This is a benefit to consumers who want to leave with their product in-hand, but a disadvantage to consumers who are willing to wait a couple of days in order to receive a better price.   In addition, to remain competitive, retailers often hire merchandisers to design custom in-store displays and create expensive marketing programs to attract more customers. And in order to make their store available to the most number of customers for the least amount of effort, retailers are typically found in a destination location, such as a high-traffic street, or in a shopping center, known as an “anchor.”  These prime locations benefit retailers, because they’re highly visible and allow retailers to capitalize on existing foot traffic.  Don’t forget though, prime locations come with a price. So back to the original question, who wants to be a flooring retailer these days? Not Flooring HQ.  Sure, by technical accounts, we’re considered a retail store because we sell directly to the end-user – you.  But we cut out all of those fancy things that most retailers rely on.  Flooring HQ is wholesale directly to the public!   Here’s how we do it:
  • With our vast network of flooring suppliers, your new flooring can be delivered to our warehouse within a few days, and you won’t have to pay all those retail mark ups.
  • Flooring HQ is not located on a main thoroughfare or in a shopping center, so our overhead is much lower than retail locations.  You may have to go slightly out of your way to get to us, but it’s worth the trip to save the dough!  (And we’re only a block off of 434, a few blocks from 17-92 and quite convenient to I-4)
  • We’ve worked out deals with many of our distributors to receive free shipments once or twice a week.  That means, if you can wait just a couple of days, you’ll receive your product with no shipping fees tacked on to the price you pay!
  • You won’t find any fancy displays at Flooring HQ.  We don’t hire merchandisers and displays were built simply to feature our products.