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Best Flooring Options for a Poolside Room

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May 30, 2016
‘Tis the season to open the pool and fire up the grill. If you have a pool home, this is the start of a wonderful time of year for entertaining friends and family and really getting the most from your home. However, if your flooring is in need of repair or is unsuited to high traffic and perpetual wetness, you may wish to consider replacing it with flooring that better fits your needs. The right flooring will be durable, easy to clean, and will help keep your guests and family members safe.


Perhaps the most cost effective solution for water resistant flooring is linoleum. There are many different styles of linoleum flooring to choose from, so you can pick and choose your favorite to make your room look the way that you want it to. When making a selection, however, be sure to consider the texture of the linoleum. Linoleum flooring that is the wrong texture can get slippery when wet, putting your pool guests at risk for falls.

Non-Slip Carpet

Non-slip carpet is another relatively inexpensive flooring option that will help to keep the flooring remodel within a certain budget. The right non-slip carpet option will be water resistant and easy to install, as it can go right over existing flooring. There are more waterproof carpeting options than ever before, so you can choose carpeting that is stylish and plush if you aren’t fond of the traditional flat, dark colored indoor-outdoor carpeting.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable, easy to clean, and can be obtained in textured patterns to prevent slippage. Ceramic tiles also come in hundreds of different sizes, colors, and shapes, allowing you to completely customize the floor and obtain the look and feel that you want. Unfortunately, ceramic tiles are somewhat laborious to install and require a sturdy foundation that can support the heavy material. Ceramic tiles may get somewhat pricy, but are long-lasting so you shouldn’t have to replace the flooring for a long while.


Vinyl is very similar to linoleum and can be obtained in easy-to-install peel and stick tiles or in sheets. Vinyl comes in many different colors and can even be made to look like wood or stone flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring is generally a better option for a poolside room, because it does not have the gaps in between the tiles where water may reach the subfloor. As with linoleum and tile flooring, it is important to consider the texture to prevent slippage if this option is chosen. This may be a cost effective, beautiful solution. For advice and assistance with picking out the best flooring option for your poolside room, call Flooring Headquarters today.