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Best Floors for Florida’s Climate

Find Flooring That Will Last Through Florida’s Humid Climate
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Apr 3, 2023

The weather in Florida can vary, but one thing Florida consistently has is sunshine and humidity. The state can be prone to mega heat waves, hurricanes, and tropical rain storms. Having the right kind of flooring for the climate is crucial to a long-lasting investment that can withstand normal wear and tear as the seasons change. Here we’ll discuss the worst floors for Florida’s climate, and which flooring is best in Florida.

How Does Florida’s Climate Impact Flooring?

Weather can have a huge impact on the longevity of your floor. Depending on where you live, some floors are easier to maintain than others. As a state, Florida is known for its subtropical climate of hot and humid summers and mild, rainy winters.


High levels of heat can impact flooring by causing permeable materials to expand. Heat can dry out flooring, or even cause it to melt or become discolored.


When the air is highly saturated with water in humid climates, some flooring can absorb that moisture. This moisture absorption can cause the flooring to deteriorate or even become moldy. The flooring could also expand with moisture and change size, causing overall damage to the entirety of the floor construction.


Hurricanes can affect the foundation of flooring from the constant stream of water pressure. This can rip apart flooring, or allow moisture to seep into the floor and cause wear and tear over time.

What Are the Best Floors for Florida’s Climate?

The ideal type of flooring for Florida’s climate is water-resistant and easy to clean. One of the most popular types of flooring in Florida, therefore, is tile.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

white porcelain tile flooring

Mimicing the structure of other expensive floor types, porcelain tile flooring is aesthetically appealing and water resistant to Florida moisture. Flooring experts will recommend porcelain tile flooring because it is easy to clean and maintain over time, while still giving that unique glow that many people want in their homes.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

vinyl flooring

Vinyl tile flooring is the top option for Floridians because of its modern style and sturdy texture. It is resistant to moisture damage and can offer protection against high humidity. It can be used in bathrooms, or all across a home.

Vinyl Flooring

worker laying vinyl flooring

Like vinyl tiles, vinyl flooring, in general, can mimic wood flooring, but without absorbing as much moisture from the air. This is ideal for the high-humidity environment in Florida.

What Are the Worst Floors for Florida’s Climate?

Homeowners can choose any flooring they desire, as long as they consider what maintenance may be required with their flooring type. With the constant moisture in the air, some flooring options are not ideal for Florida. These types of flooring are still options for homeowners living in Florida but may require more maintenance or more humidity regulation within the home. Make sure to ask a flooring professional for tips on keeping your floors maintained and protected from Florida’s heat and humidity.

Here are the flooring types that may be more difficult to maintain in Florida:


grey carpet floor

Carpet can be a comfortable flooring option with its soft touch, however, it may not be the best fit for a humid location like Florida. Carpets can collect moisture in the padding, and with Florida’s extremely moist climate, mold and a musty smell may result. However, carpets could still be an excellent option if they are cleaned often and kept well-maintained.


Hardwood can be aesthetically appealing, however, it’s more appropriate for homes in cold weather climates. Wood floors may not respond as well to heat and humidity as other flooring materials. Hardwood flooring is still a popular option, however, and can fit with Florida’s climate if kept well-maintained. You would need to control the temperature and humidity inside your home in order to maximize the longevity of a hardwood floor.


laminate wood flooring

Similar to hardwood flooring, laminate flooring also may not pair well with Florida’s climate. Water can easily seep through laminated flooring, causing it to blister over time, creating holes and cracks in the floor. For this reason, laminate isn’t usually recommended for a moist location like a bathroom. Florida’s climate won’t impact laminate flooring elsewhere in a home if it’s well-maintained and if you regulate the humidity levels in your home to prevent excess moisture.

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