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What You Should Know About Cutting Tile

The proper ways to handle tile
Nov 20, 2018
Tile is a very versatile flooring material that comes in many different patterns, shapes, and sizes. This makes it a great option that can add personality and elegance to a space, while also being durable enough to last years. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by tile installation because cutting tile does require special equipment and a degree of skill. If you’re thinking about taking on a tile project, but don’t know much about cutting tile, the following points may be helpful.

Safety Equipment Must Be a Priority

Cutting tile can be mastered with a little practice, but can be dangerous if safety precautions aren’t taken. Safety glasses should always be worn when working with tile to protect the eyes from debris and dust. Cut resistant gloves can help to protect your hands from being cut by the sharp tools used to cut the tile and from the jagged edges of the tile.

A Tile Cutter Is Best for Straight Cuts

A tile cutter can be rented if you only plan to do a single flooring project, or can be purchased if you plan to do a lot of tile work. Tile cutters come in different sizes, so it’s important to make sure that the tile cutter than you rent or purchase is big enough for the tiles that you plan to install. To use a tile cutter, first mark the tile along the line that you will need to cut to fit your space. Place the tile into the cutter and line up the wheel with the mark. Move the wheel along the mark to score it. Move the wheel out of the way and use the breaking feet to snap the tile along the line that has been scored.

A Tile Saw or Wet Saw Is Best for Curves

A tile saw or wet saw can also be rented or purchased. These are best for corner cuts and curves, as the tile can be maneuvered along the marked lines to get an exact fit. Since these pieces can be trickier than straight cuts, it may be best to purchase inexpensive tile to practice with first.

Tile Nippers Are Handy

Tile nippers are hand held tools that can be used to trim away a small section of tile or to make a very detailed and specific cut that would be difficult with a larger saw. Tile nippers cut away only a small piece of tile at a time, so patience is necessary when using these for a tile project.

A Drill Is Best for Cutting Holes

If there are pipes or small obstacles that must come straight up through tile, a drill may work best. A specific drill bit can be purchased that will drill through tile. As with cuts, the placement of the hole in the tile should be carefully measured before the hole is drilled.

A Rubbing Stone Is Necessary

All cuts and holes made through tile will cause the edges to become jagged. A rubbing stone should always be applied after cuts or holes have been made to smooth the edges before installation. This will help to prevent breakage and make the floors look aesthetically appealing. Visit your Longwood tile store today to select the tile for your next flooring project. Our flooring professionals will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about tile cutting or installation.