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5 Reasons Tile Might Be Your Best Flooring Option

The benefits of tile flooring
Mar 9, 2018
If you’re considering getting new flooring, you may be thinking about the pros and cons of installing tile. Tile isn’t the cheapest or easiest to install option, but may have certain advantages over other types of flooring. Visit your Altamonte Springs tile experts to find out what installation will entail if the following situations apply to you.

You Have a Pool Home

Tile is one of the best options for a pool home, because it’s waterproof. Some tile is slick, but if you know that you’re selecting it for a pool home, be sure to pick tile that is textured or smaller so that the grout lines will provide natural traction. Tile will last longer and stay looking better than most other flooring options in a pool home.

A Unique Style Is Desired

Tile is more versatile than other flooring options and can look extremely luxurious. You can select tiles of different colors, patterns, sizes, and even shapes to create virtually any design and style that you can imagine. If you have a specific flooring design in mind that’s unique, tile will likely be your best option for accomplishing it.

Durability Is a Priority

Tile flooring is extremely durable, lasting for years and withstanding most regular wear and tear without changing in appearance. If you plan on staying in a home for a long time, tile may help you to save cost and hassle from replacing flooring every few years. Conversely, tile may also help to increase the value of a home if you’re planning on selling the home shortly after replacing the flooring.

Tile Can Be a Sustainable Selection

If you’re environmentally conscious, tile can be a sustainable flooring solution. Some types of tile are made with natural clay that’s fired. Tile can even be made with reused or recycled materials to further assist with environment friendly goals. A flooring professional can help you select a tile that’s sustainably produced and fits with your other flooring goals.

Sanitation Is Easy with Tile

Since it’s both easy to clean and non-absorbent, tile is a more sanitary option than most other types of flooring. Tiles don’t harbor allergens or trap dirt or dust, so these are removed completely when tile is cleaned. VOCs are also not emitted from tiles as they may be with carpet. If you’re considering installing tile, call the experts at Flooring HQ. They can help you with your Altamonte Springs tile needs.