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3 Useful Tips When Choosing Colored Tiles

Pick the right colors
Feb 19, 2020
Tile flooring is not new to everyone. You can see tile flooring on offices and homes. It’s easy to install and there’s a variety of options on how to clean and maintain its original form. Whether you choose frosted or the shiny ones it’s up to you. But what about the color? Truthfully, choosing the color of the tile is hard especially when you have vast options to choose from like the design and shade. When choosing tiles color, it usually depends on the color scheme of the house paint. But can you be more creative? We’ll of course! It’s your home so you can definitely have the last decision on the color you wanted to use. Here are some tips on how to pick the best tile color:


When choosing tiles color for your floor, make sure that the color matches the existing decor. When you opt for multi-color tiles, keep in mind it will attract the eyes thus the focus let’s say in the family room will be the flooring rather than the couch or other furniture. When you choose a plain type of tiles, the focus will be on the furniture and decorations and the tiles will accent it. It is better to choose tiles that match the style of your home. You should also consider the lighting once you’ve chosen the color of tiles. Lighting gives a different result when you try it on store compared to your home. For small rooms, you can opt for lighter colors and shades for this will give a more spacious look rather than darker shades because this will give the opposite result. So for larger rooms, dark shades work better for the area will appear homey.


There are different areas to install the kitchen tiles. Tile is well used as a countertop material aside from using it as the kitchen floor. It is also used to accentuate the wall of the kitchen, specially installed as a backsplash behind the stove or below the wall cabinets. For kitchen tiles option for tiles includes: ceramic, porcelain and quarry — best for countertops and floors, glass (most used for walls and backsplashes, ) stone, cork, vinyl, and bamboo — best used for floors. Ponder onto your lifestyle before choosing tiles. This is not only about the color but how you will maintain the longevity of your tiles. Ceramic tiles can crack or chip so if you choose to use it, you can maintain its original form. Choose the color of the tile for your kitchen that matches your appliances, sink, and cabinets. Since this area is where you will spend your cooking skills, opt for a color that will give you a happy cooking mood.


Stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile are your choices for bathroom floors and counters. Glass tiles will work wonders on walls. On picking the color scheme for your bathroom, consider the bathroom theme, the size, and style of your bathroom. If there are existing fixtures like vanity, wall light or sink, choose the color of the tile that will compliment it. It is best to choose soft neutrals and pastel colors for small size bathrooms. This will work best also if you have a guest bathroom or powder room. You can consider darker colors and hues if you have larger bathrooms. Shades of brown and blue works best for large spaces. If you are having a hard time choosing or picking the best tile color for your home, you can always go for the tile flooring experts to have estimates.