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Laminate Flooring a go to Solution

Dec 9, 2014
Laminate floors have come a long way since they first appeared on the flooring scene. From the once drab almost wall paper looking patterns to what we have to choose from now is an unbelievable transformation.  Piano finish, beveled edges, hand scraped, textured graining are just a few of the choices available to today’s consumer. When you add to that the realistic wood and stone patterns we find in laminates today coupled with durability and scratch resistance it makes laminate flooring a go-to solution for many people. Along with the great look and value laminate floors afford today’s consumer, you have to add the ease of installation. Laminates can be installed over concrete and wood floors and a number of pre-existing floors with the use of a laminate cushion and a moisture barrier. This ease of installation makes laminate a great Do-It-Yourself project. The basic installation steps include:

1.) Letting the flooring acclimate to the room temperature (generally 48 to 72 hours)

2.) Laying your moisture barrier and cushion. Most quality laminate cushions come with the moisture barrier attached.

3.) Laying your floor leaving a gap between your new floor and the walls for expansion and contraction. These gaps are to be covered by ¼ round molding or baseboard molding.

4.) Finishing the job off by trimming the exposed ends of the laminate with the appropriate transition molding. If your new laminate floor meets a carpeted area or a sliding door, use an end cap. If it adjoins a tile, wood or other laminate floor, use a T-mold.

At all times follow the manufactures installation instructions. Laminate floors are available in a number of different colors, styles, textures and finishes. In addition, Laminate floors are easy to install, maintain and a great value and choice for your floor covering dollar.