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Choosing the Perfect Floor for You

Choosing the Perfect Floor for You

You have a variety of options when choosing a floor. Hardwood, laminate, carpet, and tile are the most popular, but how do you choose between them? Let’s take a look at a few of the qualities of each.


Hardwood floors are made of 100% wood and hardwood has a beautiful and timeless look. It is long-lasting and durable, and when well-maintained, hardwood has a better resale value than laminate. Hardwood is very impact resistant, though it is always more expensive than laminate wood floors and takes longer to install. Depending on the type of wood chosen, it can be also very eco-friendly.


Laminate floors are made of fiberboard covered by a visible designed layer, to mimic the look of wood or stone, and a transparent layer for wear. Like hardwood, it is has a classic look. It is softer than hardwood and it is better for homes with pets, because the wear layer is more scratch resistant than hardwood. Laminate floor is less expensive than hardwood and cheaper to install. Laminate lasts about 10 years.


Carpeting comes in a variety of styles: from short pile to plush. It is easier and less expensive to install, as well as less expensive to maintain and repair. However, cleaning beyond basic vacuuming usually requires a professional. Carpeting is simple and gives you a variety of options, and adds a warm coziness to the interior design. However, some consumers may consider carpeting to be a dated look.


Tile floors come in a variety of options, including ceramic, terra cotta, stone, granite, and marble. Tile floors are very durable and are great for high trafficked kitchen and bathroom areas. Tile is simple to clean and might be the best option for pet-owners—easier to clean than carpeting, less slippery for pets than laminate, and easier to maintain than hardwood. It can also give your home a more unique style. Another advantage of tile is that it can be very eco-friendly.

No matter what flooring type you choose, Flooring Headquarters is your local resource for all your flooring needs. Whether in Altamonte Springs, Winter Springs, Casselberry, Longwood, or anywhere in Central Florida, we help you get the floor you need.

Types of Craftsman Flooring

Types of Craftsman Flooring

The American Craftsman style of home exemplifies handcrafted quality and locally sourced, natural materials. Starting at the end of the 19th century, the Craftsman style showed the rise of the middle class, moving away from the vast and opulatant Victorian styles, and embracing a downsized informal bungalow. Inspired by the English Arts and Crafts movement, it was truly a return to simplicity and nature, keep that in mind when replacing or restoring the floors in your Craftsman.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is a must in Craftsman style homes, and reclaimed wood is generally your best bet. However, sometimes that isn’t an option, so the next best choice is something American and sustainable; a flooring the blends in with the trim details. Oak or a softer pine are both stylistically accurate, and there’s some flexibility with the width as well. Hand scraped flooring adds to the charm, but keep the stain color in a medium tone. Both our Cobble Hill Hickory Nutmeg, or this Meritage Longwood Natural Red Oak are excellent choices.

Cobble Hill Hickory Nutmeg
Meritage Longwood Oaks

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring offers a very similar look to hardwood, but it’s softer, still durable, and completely waterproof. It’s great for a home with small children and/or lots of messes. Retain the beauty of natural hardwood, with a practical twist. Keep in mind the ultimate design goal of a Craftsman interior, and go for something like Sienna Oak, by MetroFloor Engage or GF Flooring’s Freedom Caramel.

MetroFloor Engage Sienna Oak      
GF Flooring Freedom Caramel

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great flooring option for a Craftsman home because it offers a similar look to hardwood or vinyl plank but at a much more economical price. If the house is large or the flooring needs to be durable and scratch resistant, laminate will work perfectly. It’s a product that comes in a myriad of finishes and stains, so finding one to compliment a Craftsman is an easy task. Take, for example, CB-6072 Maple Tawny or the rich Elements Saratoga Pine.

CB-6072 Maple Tawny      
Elements Saratoga Pine

Tile Flooring

While the backbone of the Craftsman style often begins with the wooden floors, there are multiple rooms where tile is a smarter flooring choice. For the bathrooms, the kitchen, the entry foyer, and other small rooms, there are plenty of great Craftsman style tiles available. Bear in mind, a natural stone with muted earth tones would have been quite popular in an early 20th century Craftsman. Nowadays, however, there are tiles that look like wood planks meant to make the transition into the kitchen more seamless. Check out this Berkshire Hickory Porcelain tile if the goal is a hardwood look throughout. For bathroom floors, a mosaic tile with a traditional basket or diamond pattern would suit the home nicely as well.

Berkshire Hickory Porcelain Tile
Natural colors and materials shaped by local builders, combined for a modest, yet beautiful middle class home called a Craftsman. When renovating or restoring your own, remember to honor nature and the neighborhood in your design choices, and if you have any flooring questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask us!
Could New Flooring Be Better for Your Health?

Could New Flooring Be Better for Your Health?

We do many things with our health in mind, but selecting flooring is usually not one of them. Failing to think of health when choosing new flooring could be a mistake, however, as floors can be around for years to come and can impact the health of you and your family members in many ways. In fact, deciding to replace your floors may just help to improve your health starting right away.

Improve Cleanliness and Minimize Germs

Old flooring can harbor dirt, mold, germs, and debris. Replacing old flooring can remove these volatile substances from your home and the air that you and your family breathe.

Upgrading from carpet to laminate, tile, or hardwood flooring can help you to keep your home cleaner and minimize the amount of dirt and debris that remains trapped in the flooring. The type of flooring that works best may vary depending on the room that it will be used in and the regular activity within the home, with tile often being preferred for rooms or homes where the floors will be regularly exposed to moisture.

Reduce Airborne Chemical Exposure

Older flooring was often manufactured using toxic chemicals that continuously emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Replacing older flooring with new solutions gives you the opportunity to find flooring with low VOC emissions. There are a variety of options, including many different types of hardwood, vinyl tile and sheet, laminate, and linoleum that have been qualified as low emission flooring.

Provide Support and Cushion for Feet and Legs

Flooring can be hard on the feet, ankles, knees, and legs if there isn’t a lot of give. Fortunately, installing new floors allows you to choose flooring that will be nice to your feet and legs:

  • Carpet is the softest flooring type, it gives when you walk on it, so it shocks your body the least
  • Cork flooring is soft, spongy, and warm
  • Vinyl tile or sheet is thin and can be installed over thick, soft underlayment
  • Rubber flooring is springy and comfortable
  • Padded linoleum flooring is plush and soft
  • Laminate flooring can be installed over soft, high quality underlayment

Taking the time to figure out which flooring type will be best based on your health needs and concerns can provide you with benefits far into the future. If you’re unsure which option will be best for your home, speak to the professionals at your Altamonte Springs flooring store. They will be able to help direct you toward the healthiest flooring picks, while still considering your style preferences and budget.

Stop by Flooring Headquarters today to browse your flooring options, or call 407-262-7979 to ask about our health friendly flooring options.

Explore Your Options When Choosing Laminate

Explore Your Options When Choosing Laminate

Laminate flooring has many advantages, including affordability, comfort, and ease of installation. However, one of the advantages that many don’t think of when selecting laminate flooring is versatility. There are now more options than ever before when it comes to laminate, so make sure to explore the many variations in style and color when visiting your Longwood laminate store.

Grey and Smoky Colors

Laminate is now available in shades of grey that can give your home a modern, clean look. The flooring still retains the charms of wood flooring, but adds a unique element that can make a room really pop. The earthy grey tones work well with other earth tones, but also flow when paired with bright or bold colors.

Shabby Chic Laminate

Shabby chic flooring has a weathered, aged look that can be desirable for achieving a rustic or romantic look. Shabby chic is made to look like paint has worn through in some areas to expose beautiful wood underneath. Shabby chic laminate can give a room or an entire home a classic look that would be difficult and expensive to achieve using other materials.

Wide Plank

Thin planks usually come to mind when most people think of laminate, and indeed that’s the style that has been most readily available and used in the past. Many laminate flooring stores now offer wide plank variations, however. Wide planks can make the flooring stand out, giving a room a bold and fresh look.

Combination Woods

Instead of selecting all one type of laminate, going with a few different grains and colors can give a room a funky, natural look. You can mix up red, brown, and grey tones to make it look like reclaimed wood was used or to create a pattern in the flooring. If you choose to mix up laminate styles, work with Longwood flooring experts to make sure the different flooring is compatible.

Exotic Woods

Laminate can be made to look like different kinds of exotic hardwood. This can make these particular wood styles available and affordable. Exotic wood laminates can give a home a distinctive tropical look that will compliment a pool or Florida room. Some exotic wood options are available with a hand-carved look or with different plank sizes throughout to make the flooring look more realistic.

Laminate flooring is breaking away from traditional looks and embracing new styles. While you may start out selecting laminate for its affordability and ease, you may end up loving it because of its uniqueness and beauty.

Should You Go with Laminate or Hardwood?

Should You Go with Laminate or Hardwood?

Wood flooring looks beautiful and is a desirable flooring option for many homes. The warm hues and gorgeous grains can add class and a certain timelessness to a room. Both hardwood and laminate can help to achieve this look, but each has pros and cons that should be considered with your specific situation and needs in mind.

Laminate Costs Less

Laminate is generally much less costly than hardwood, which can make it easier to fit into a tight budget. If you’re selling a home and need to redo the floors, laminate can add curb appeal quickly and inexpensively. However, laminate will typically not raise the home value, whereas hardwood may.

Hardwood Lasts Longer

Some types of hardwood flooring can last a lifetime, needing only periodic sanding and staining to stay looking beautiful. Laminate, on the other hand, generally needs to be replaced every few years when the plastic sealant becomes scratched or scuffed. Durability may vary depending on the specific brand and type of laminate or hardwood, the traffic through the area, and how well the floor is cared for, however.

Hardwood Is Eco-Friendly

Hardwood floors are typically organic and may even be crafted from reclaimed wood, a benefit to the environment. Laminate floors are created from bonding composite materials and resins at high temperatures, so these floors are not organic or eco-friendly. Additionally, some laminate floors release volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, into the air. This may aggravate respiratory conditions in sensitive individuals.

Laminate Is Easier to Install

Laminate flooring is relatively simple to install, whereas hardwood is a little more complex and takes a bit of skill. Many homeowners that decide to go with hardwood pay to have professionals install the flooring, whereas laminate is typically a DIY project. With the right materials and planning, laminate can be installed with attractive results in just a few hours.

Laminate Is Softer Than Hardwood

Laminate is a “floating floor” that’s installed on top of a layer of underlayment. The underlayment and the laminate itself result in a floor with more “give” that’s easier on the feet and ankles. Hardwood floor is harder and doesn’t have the same amount of “give,” so it can be tougher on the feet and ankles if it’s placed in areas where people will stand for long periods of time.

Which Should You Choose?

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to each hardwood and laminate. Consider your budget, how long you want the floors to last, whether you‘re concerned with eco-friendliness, and how the floors are generally used in the areas that you will be installing the flooring. If you can’t decide between the two flooring types, consult your Longwood laminate flooring experts for more details on specific flooring types and prices.

6 Advantages of Laminate Flooring

6 Advantages of Laminate Flooring

If you’re looking to install new flooring in your home, chances are good that you’ve at least considered laminate flooring. You can find laminate flooring online and in most flooring stores, its popularity makes it highly accessible. If you’re unsure about going with Longwood laminate flooring, factor in the following advantages.


Laminate flooring can sometimes be the least expensive flooring option available. Many stores have sales that will drive the price down even further. The low cost of laminate flooring makes it a great option whether you are looking to replace the flooring in just one room or the whole house.

Simple Installation

There is no need to go through cumbersome preparation of the subfloors to install laminate, you can simply put underlayment down over the top of slightly uneven or pitted concrete, old linoleum, and other types of floors. The laminate floor is “floating” over the top of the underlayment, so it will cover imperfections in the subfloor.
After the underlayment has been placed, laminate flooring simply snaps together. Cuts are necessary around room edges, doorways, and other obstacles, but most of the floor can be placed very quickly. Tutorials can be found online for any questions about cutting laminate to fit your home.

Beauty and Variety

Laminate flooring looks like hardwood flooring and is available in many of the same styles and colors as hardwood. This allows a high degree of customization to fit the look and feel that you desire. After laminate flooring has been installed, your home will have the beautiful look of hardwood, without the time and cost considerations of installing it.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

Laminate does not retain allergens the way that carpet and some other types of flooring do. Dust and allergens can
be completely cleaned from the surface. The underlayment also helps to control moisture issues, protecting the flooring and preventing mold from forming.


Since laminate flooring rests on the underlayment, it has more give than most flooring types, making it softer on the feet and ankles. This can help to make the floors more comfortable and can potentially benefit your family’s health when used in high traffic areas. Softer floors may also prevent items from breaking and can be better for young children or older individuals that have increased fall risks.

Easy Maintenance

Spilled items can simply be wiped off of laminate floors. The plastic sealant protects the flooring from stains. Dirt and debris is easy to sweep or vacuum off the floors and they can be completely cleaned safely using most cleansers.

To find out more about laminate flooring deals and styles available in your area, talk to a Longwood laminate professional today!