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Tile Flooring

You’re Going with Tile! Now What?

When you’ve decided that you’re going to tile your home, it can be exciting. Tile is cool and easy to clean, which can seem particularly appealing during the warm, wet Florida summers. It’s easy to get carried away with an impulse buy and bring home tile with little...

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Why Wood-look Tile?

Wood-look tile is the prominent floor covering in the current flooring market. Flooring HQ supplies over 200 wood-look tile options that will make your property stand out from the rest! Wood-look tile is composed of either porcelain or ceramic tile with a wood grain...

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Choosing the Right Tile Flooring

Trying to find the right tile floor for you can really be a lot tougher than a lot of people think it’s going to be, especially if they haven’t had to go through this process in the past. It’s not that you are only going to have a limited amount of choices to pick and...

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Pros and Cons of Tile Flooring

Tile is a popular flooring option that has survived the test of time. Tile can increase the value of a home and last for years, so many people choose tile for remodels and new homes. There are some pros and cons to tile that should be considered before selecting this...

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