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Flooring Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Make the most of your space
Sep 28, 2016
There are many ways to make a small room look bigger, but one of the most commonly overlooked ones is a change in flooring. The right flooring can really open up a room and can trick the eyes in all the right ways. Don’t be afraid to play with a bunch of decorating ideas to make the room look as big as possible after the flooring is installed, but set the foundation for your space with the following flooring tips.

Consider Going Dark

Dark shades of wood, laminate, tile, and carpet are often avoided when a space is small because of the idea that dark confines spaces, but this does not necessarily apply to flooring. The right dark colored flooring can actually make a room feel more open, especially when coupled with cool toned walls and lighter ceilings. The eye being drawn up can make a space feel bigger, while the darker flooring can provide an elegant and expansive theme.

Go with the Infinity Look

Continuous floors can make a room look bigger by basically allowing one room to “flow” into the next. This may work especially well if the room that you are trying to open up is elevated from the rest of the home, but can still work either way. Even if you do not wish to change flooring in the rest of the home, you can select a flooring color and style that blends to give the illusion of continuity.

Go Big Instead of Small

It may seem to make sense to go with smaller tiles or planks to make a space look bigger, but larger tends to work better in most cases. Oversized tiles and wide planks appear large to the eye, so they tend to increase our perception of a space. If you decide that you like smaller tiles better, you can still create designs using the tile color patterns that will help to make the space appear more expansive.

Don’t Keep It Straight and Narrow

If you decide to use tiles of any kind for the space, whether they are ceramic tiles, carpet tiles, or vinyl tiles, don’t go with the traditional straight up and down, side to side look. Go diagonal or offset the flooring with different sized tiles that line up. This will change the way that the floor appears when you walk into the room by changing the angle at which you see it. Depending on the other characteristics of the flooring, this could make the room appear larger. For more flooring tips for your space expansion project, give us a call today!