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Signs to Replace Your Carpet

Signs to look out for
Nov 4, 2019
Carpet creates a cozy, soft surface in your home and is great for families, but it doesn’t last forever. If you’re starting to notice that your carpet doesn’t look, smell, sound, or feel as great as it used to, here are some signs that it’s time for a replacement or upgrade.

The Five Senses of Carpet Replacement

Smell – Foul Odor

A foul odor or smell from your carpet may not be very noticeable at first as our noses get used to the common smells in our own homes, but if you’re having guests and friends make comments, it could very possibly be your carpet. While a cleaning job may take care of some of it, it will most likely just buy you a little time before it comes back and you’ll be wishing you had just replaced it.

Hearing – Creaks and Noises

Just like in a horror film (minus the clowns and axe murderers), your carpet will eventually start to make creaky noises as you walk on it. This is a sign that the material and padding are breaking down and, you guessed it, a reason for a replacement.

Sight – Stains

Once those inevitable party fouls and spills start adding up, so do the stains on your carpet. It’s no secret that carpet isn’t the best flooring for spilled liquid and, depending on the spill, the stains can be hard to get out. A noticeably messy carpet isn’t very easy on the eyes, so unless you want your entire floor covered in rugs and tables, it’s probably time for that upgrade.

Touch – Mold

If your carpet is in a damp, wet environment, mold is a very real possibility, especially after a flood or a very large spill. This will build up bacteria beneath the carpet, so it’s hard to clean before it really starts adding up. If you notice mold stains on your carpet, I’m afraid it’s too late. The good news is, it’s never too late for a replacement or upgrade.

Taste – Modern Style and Preference

Please don’t lick or eat your carpet. By taste, we mean modern styles and aesthetics. Flooring plays a huge part in trends in modern home decor, probably because it covers your entire home. So, if you’re simply not happy with the style of your current carpet, consider switching to a more modern style or replacing it with a different material.

What are My Next Steps?

Whether you want to replace your carpet or upgrade to a new flooring material, the professionals at Flooring HQ have the resources and know-how to help you find the perfect option for your home. Call our experts at 407 262-7979 or visit our Contact Page for an online form submission or directions to our Central Florida showroom.