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Longwood, FL 32750


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  • 5 star review“I used Flooring HQ for ceramic tile in my New Smyrna Beach condo, for hardwood in my Orlando home, and for laminate in my Orlando office. Every installation was magnificent! The selection was great, and they did everything they said they would, at competitive prices.”

    JIM T.

  • 5 star review“Thanks for the free estimate HQ! We couldn’t be happier with the new hardwood floor in our kitchen. Your customer service is top notch and you definitely took care of us with the quote you gave us! HIGHLY recommend!”

    NEIL S.

  • 5 star review“Very good sales people, service and pricing. Exceeded expectations.”

    JIM G.

  • 5 star review“I bought carpet and tile from Flooring HQ for my kitchen and downstairs bedroom and hall area. Their selection was great and the price was even better. The salespeople were really knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Flooring HQ.”

    VICKI C.

  • 5 star review“I’ve purchased from Flooring HQ for many years. Our latest project just getting rid of all carpet in the house and replacing it with wood floors is now complete. We have always received great quality at a fair price.”



Carpet Installation 101

Carpet can add comfort and warmth to a room that’s not easily attainable with other flooring materials. Carpet is an affordable option, but installing it yourself can make it even more affordable. Before taking on a carpet installation project, however, make sure that...

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A List of Carpet Styles

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how many variations of carpet there are? Whether the answer is yes or no, if you choose carpeting for your floors you’ll have to do some research to guide you in your decision-making. Luckily, a Longwood carpet store has a list...

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Replacing Patches of Ruined Carpet

Snags, tears and stains on carpet can all be pretty big eyesores. If damage of this sort happens in your home, depending on the size and gravity, you may be able to fix it on your own. Just set aside some time and let your local Longwood carpet specialists walk you...

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Flooring Considerations for Cooler Weather

Now that the temperatures are starting to cool down, you may be getting a case of cold feet. The flooring in your home can really have a major impact on the comfort levels of your home and may even save you or cost you money, depending on which type of flooring you...

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Carpeting 101: Types of Carpet Fiber

Thinking of upgrading your flooring with new carpet? There are several options to consider when selecting a type of carpeting material. Most flooring companies carry carpeting made out of four different types of materials. Each material has its advantages and...

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Carpet Selection

Are you looking for a traditional plush carpet? A contemporary loop?  Maybe the visual impact of a pattern or print? After establishing your budget and estimating the footage required, it is time to consider carpet color selection. Carpet color was probably the...

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