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21 Gorgeous Mosaic Tile Designs to Spruce Up Your Home Renovation Projects

Transform your space with beautiful tile designs
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Dec 19, 2021

Sprucing up your space doesn’t have to include a complete remodel. Enhance the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom with the addition of new backsplash tiling. This can add a fresh splash of color or intrigue to an otherwise dull room.

Check out these 21 backsplash designs to inspire your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

1. Make a Statement Above Your Stove

Basement renovation idea

Create a statement using tiling to draw eyes to the focal point of your kitchen.

2. Pick Tiling that Complements Your Cabinetry

Basement renovation idea

Don’t forget to pick tiling that complements your cabinetry and tiling.

3. Go With Lighter Colors to Open Up Your Space

Basement renovation idea

Pick small, light tile colors to open up a dark space.

4. Elongate a Small Space Using Strategic Tile Shapes

Basement renovation idea

Elongate your small space, be it a kitchen or a bathroom, using strategic tile shapes.

5. Go With Blue

Basement renovation idea

Bright blues stand out in any space.

6. Pick Natural Colors & Textures

Basement renovation idea

Pick tiling with a natural, rough texture to add a more earthy feel to your kitchen.

7. Select a Simple Style

Basement renovation idea

Tile doesn’t always need to be bold. Pick neutral, simple tiling for a clean and minimal look.

8. Pick a Bold Metallic

Basement renovation idea

Pick an unusual color or pattern to make your backsplash a statement in any space.

9. Include Imagery Above Your Stove

Basement renovation idea

Make your stove the focal point of your kitchen with a tile image above it.

10. Incorporate Circular Tiling

Basement renovation idea

Use tiling to make circles and other interesting visual patterns.

11. Add Dimension With Varied Shades

Basement renovation idea

Use various shades of smaller tiles to create a backsplash that has dimension.

12. Use Multiple Tile Types

Basement renovation idea

Pick complementary tile types for different areas of the same room.

13. Use Designs in the Shower

Basement renovation idea

Use tiling in the shower to include shapes and other interesting visuals.

14. Add Tiling Around the Base of Your Tub

Basement renovation idea

Go for neutral tiling if you don’t want your tile to be the main focus of the space.

15. Create a Statement Tile Wall

Basement renovation idea

Bring attention to the focal point of your space with a statement tile wall.

16. Pick Two Complementary Tile Types

Basement renovation idea

Create a warm and cozy space with dark brown tiling.

17. Don’t Forget the Shower Flooring

Basement renovation idea

Incorporate an interesting shower flooring using irregularly shaped tiling.

18. Give the Appearance of Texture

Basement renovation idea

Use the same tile for the walls and floors.

19. Go for Natural Colors

Basement renovation idea

Include tiling around the shower and tub to create one cohesive area.

20. Pick a Bold Blue

Basement renovation idea

Brighten a kitchen with white cabinetry using bold blue tiling.

21. Pick a Green for a Bold but Natural Look

Basement renovation idea

If you want to keep the colors of your kitchen natural but want to make a statement with your backsplash tiling, pick a tile that incorporates greens.

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